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Palmer Group is the best cooperation partner if you need your order to be executed quickly - with the confidence that the quality will be very good. We have been cooperating with Palmer Group for several years, ordering the manufacture of laser-cut parts for the stair railings manufactured by Toget. It is very important for us that the production is of high quality, as we are also developing the export market. The laser cut parts performed by Palmer Group have a very neat and straight cut line. It is just what we need to make our final product stand out.

Dāvis Ansons, the owner of the company ToGet, SIA

The services performed by Palmer Group are not the cheapest ones, but I can say with full confidence that they are of the highest quality. The laser cut line is very smooth, we don't need to do any additional processing. We have been regularly cooperating with Palmer Group for more than four years. The company An Dizains manufactures the basic metal structures for stairs. We need laser cut parts, and they are manufactured by Palmer Group according to our drawings. Sometimes we also need folding services, and these services provided by them are also of high quality. Thank you, Palmer Group, for always very responsive attitude and fast and high-quality laser cutting services performed by you.

Aras Noreika, the founder and the board member of “An Dizains”, SIA

Palmer Group has very fast turnaround times. I can always count on the order to be ready within 3-4 working days. I have been personally working with Palmer Group for more than 10 years. At first in the previous company where I worked, then I invited Palmer Group as a cooperation partner in my personal company. Palmer Group makes laser cut and bent parts (blanks) for the equipment for my company. As I am an entrepreneur in the metalworking industry, it is very important for me that a cooperation partner is welcoming and responsive. Palmer Group can be negotiated in any situation. This company has very loyal payment terms. If the customer has any wishes regarding payment, it is usually possible to agree on it. The service prices of Palmer Group are also friendly. They provide a very individual treatment. Before developing the order, always make sure that the customer's drawing corresponds to what details should be in real life. If there are any inaccuracies in the drawing, such as screws being too close to the bends, Palmer Group alerts the customer about it. There has been a case where our order was made in error, the company was accommodating – the order was executed again. We will definitely continue to work with Palmer Group and recommend it to others.

Māris Preija, the director of “Premako”, SIA

For more than 5 years, we have chosen to cooperate with “Palmer Group” and make laser cut and bent parts. We highly value the professional approach, quick response and competence of the specialists of this company in solving various problems. The cooperation with Palmer Group is characterized by high quality, speed, accuracy, accurate delivery terms.

Laima Vecozola, the engineer

We always turn to Palmer Group if it is necessary to execute the order very quickly. We know for sure that they will take it on and will do it in high quality. We order Palmer Group to manufacture laser cut and bent parts for the equipment manufactured by Peruza according to our drawings. Palmer Group has been a reliable cooperation partner for us for several years. Compared to other companies where there is a rather bureaucratic process up to the order, Palmer Group works very promptly and the quality is always very high.

Ilona Rezgolde, the procurement specialist of SIA “Peruza”

We use the metal parts produced by Palmer Group for the implementation of our individual projects. Regarding the quality of the parts, we can say that they are prepared with very high precision. We have been cooperating with Palmer Group since 2018. At the moment, we already place orders quite regularly. Palmer Group most often manufactures laser cut parts for us as well as bent parts for bending machines. The materials are usually different - most often stainless and black steel, there is also aluminium and brass. It is important for our company that we can rely on them and be sure about the end result and deadlines of the products. We were a new company when we started our partnership, and we are very grateful that Palmer Group trusted our company with financial obligations. Thank you for your services so far, and let's continue our cooperation going forward.

Artis Miklavs, the director of the company “GOOD STEEL”, SIA

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